Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Notable Stats, February 18th

It's a Block Party: Starring Dwight Howard

Last night, Dwight put up a very impressive line in an OT affair against the Charlotte Bobcats of 45pts, 19rebs (8 offensive), and 8 blocks. While most people are very impressed by the combination of points and rebounds, I'm personally more impressed by the block total.

Teams that Howard personally had more blocks than last night: Timberwolves (5), Wizards (5), Bobcats (4), Bucks (4), Pistons (7), Nets (7), Rockets (4), Grizzlies (5), Jazz (7), Sixers (3), Spurs (4), Knicks (2), Hornets (5), Thunder (3), Clippers (6), Suns (1), Hawks (6).

Teams that Howard did not exceed: Pacers (8 - tie), Lakers (9), Magic (10 - obvious)

Combined games Howard tied or exceeded: Spurs/Knicks (6), Clippers/Suns (7), Hornets/Thunder (8 - tie).

Now that's a dominating big-man performance. Yes, overtime helped his cause, but he was well on his way before then.

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